Speak out on our internet needs

For the last several years, politicians, businesses and everyday citizens have decried the lack of reliable internet access in portions of our area, and much of West Virginia.

In a day when digital technology is necessary for many of us, not having a hig-speed internet connection can be detrimental.

This week, representatives of Magellan Advisors, a Colorado-based consultant firm, have been working with the Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission in an attempt to better map out just where internet service is needed in our area, and what can be done to better serve our residents in that regard.

A series of meetings was hosted earlier this week to collect feedback from business leaders, emergency responders and more. The goal is to collect data, which then can be presented to internet providers and federal government officials with the hope of finding ways to extend internet services to those in need of service.

According to some of those taking part in this week’s meetings, improved internet service can provide better communications for emergency personnel, become an incentive to attract businesses and residents, while also providing more opportunities for those already here.

For those who were unable to attend the meetings, an online survey will be available through the end of February. It can be found at bhjmpc.org/brooke-and-hancock-broadband-survey/ or on the BHJ’s Facebook page.

We encourage our residents to take the time and fill out the survey. It could make the difference our valley needs.


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