Catching the mistake before it is too late

Officials in Brooke County discovered another issue with a levy in recent days. This time, at least, the mistake was caught before it went before the voters.

During their meeting Tuesday, county commissioners announced there had been a miscalculation made while establishing rates for a proposed levy to assist with the operations of the county 911 center.

Once the corrections are made, the proposal will go to the state Auditor’s Office, as well as being made available to the public, before officially being placed on the ballot.

The plan is to have the levy ready for the May 12 West Virginia primary election.

This, of course, follows the announcements of miscalculations by the Brooke County Board of Education, resulting in the essential loss of a few million dollars a year, and the need to look at numerous staffing and programming cuts in the school district.

Thankfully, state and county officials were on the ball this time.

Citing a decline in 911 fees from land-based telephone lines, officials have reported financial difficulties for the 911 center several times in recent years.

The levy would assist by providing funds, from tax dollars, “to operate, maintain and improve and repair equipment; train and educate employees; purchase supplies needed for the general maintenance and repair of the 911 Communication Center facilities; provide for salaries, wages and benefits of the employees; and for capital improvements to the 911 Communication Center.”

Operations such as this are the first contact for most of our local emergency calls. It is important they are able to run smoothly, with proper equipment and training for the safety of our residents.

Ultimately, it will be up to the voters to decide whether they want to pay more of their money to support the center’s operations.

In order to do that, though, they must have the correct information in order to make an informed vote.


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