Getting help to our communities

Business shutdowns and curtailments resulting from COVID-19 are hurting local government entities substantially. They are losing significant revenue needed to support municipal and county services.

Just this week, city council members in Chester were forced to lay off six municipal employees. Some of that community’s woes can be traced to the shutdown of Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort. But all towns, cities and counties are suffering.

Though some of the problem is increased expenses due to COVID-19, loss of revenue is the larger concern.

Both West Virginia and Ohio have received federal funding through the CARES Act. West Virginia received $1.25 billion. Ohio got $4.6 billion.

In neither Charleston nor Columbus has there been any rush to send some of that money to localities to help them cope with revenue losses.

That needs to change as soon as possible — before other towns and cities join Chester in laying off municipal employees.


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