Little’s heroism serves as inspiration

On Aug. 29, 2019, Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Little was leaving his house at the end of a lunch break when he received a call on a medical emergency at a house in his neighborhood.

Little responded, soon after arriving at the home of George Foley, who also happens to be the Hancock County clerk. Foley was going into cardiac arrest, and within minutes of Little’s arrival, collapsed to the floor.

Little, who like many of our local emergency responders, has been trained in various forms of first aid and some basic medical care, began to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, urging Foley to keep fighting. Paramedics arrived, stabilizing Foley and transporting him to a Pittsburgh hospital.

For his efforts to save Foley’s life, Little was recognized Aug. 29 of this year with the American Red Cross’ Certificate of Extraordinary Personal Action.

We congratulate Little for this recognition, and thank him for his work on that day, and every day he is out protecting our communities.

We also hope his experience serves as encouragement for all of our residents to consider receiving CPR training and to learn other first aid skills.

None of us know when we might come upon a situation where minutes can count in order to save the life of another individual. The more opportunities to learn these basic life-saving skills, the better prepared we all can be.


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