Manufacturing skills beneficial to our area

Many of our area’s residents have developed a variety of trades-based skills over the years, much of it thanks to the industry which powered the Ohio Valley for decades.

Though there aren’t as many manufacturing facilities as there once were, those skills continue to be valuable to our area, and the Weirton community is benefiting from three residents who stepped up to offer their skills toward an improvement project in one of the city’s parks.

Mark Basil, Bernie Bish and Dave Ferrari provided more than 200 man hours, using their knowledge and abilities as retired electricians, to install new LED lights at the tennis courts of Marland Heights Park. They also improved the electrical services at the courts in order to meet modern regulations.

Their efforts helped to save approximately $30,000 in costs to the Weirton Park Board, while making certain the courts will be safer and more accessible for residents for years to come.

We extend our thanks to Basil, Bish and Ferrari and hope it serves as inspiration for others.

Whether you wish to volunteer your time on a large community project or offer to help a neighbor with some home improvement, there are many ways the knowledge and skills of all of our residents can be a benefit to others.

Take a look around your community and see what you may be able to offer.


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