Keep vaccinating, West Virginia

Over the past few weeks, nearly 5 percent of all West Virginians have received either the Pfizer or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. That’s by far the highest rate in the nation, according to Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker.

And what makes this story better — particularly over the past few weeks — is that the state has prioritized vaccinations for the most vulnerable segments of the population. That currently is ongoing with the 80 and older segment, and soon will move to those ages 70 to 79 and then, after that, to those 65 to 69.

Vaccines also have been going to our state’s emergency responders and front line workers, including those in the medical field who are dealing directly with our state’s COVID infections. In the last couple of weeks, West Virginia’s teachers also have been eligible to begin receiving the vaccine as part of preparations for schools to reopen next week.

That means that not only is the state getting vaccines out at a rate better than any other state, but it’s also getting the vaccine to those that need it most. That’s commendable, and shows continued leadership from the state.


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