Make the return to school safe

For many West Virginia students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth, Tuesday was like the first day of school all over again, as they returned to the classroom following an extended, several-month remote learning break due to COVID-19.

In both Hancock and Brooke counties, the first official day back for students will be Thursday, when a hybrid system of both in-person and remote learning will be used. Half of the students will be in-person Thursday, with the other half on Friday.

Then, beginning next week, students will attend in-person two days and be remote for two days, just as it was when the school year began. The goal is to eventually get everyone back to five days in the buildings.

Youngsters that have spent the past few months learning from home will be more than eager to see their classmates as they walk through the halls.

They also will benefit from seeing their teachers and returning to an in-person learning environment that not only will benefit their educational well-being, but also their mental health.

With classes resuming, we, as adults, also need to do our part. Remember, youngsters will be out and about on streets and sidewalks. The yellow school buses that transport students to and from school will be, as well. School zones that have been inactive now will be back in operation.

Drive the speed limit through school zones; don’t pass school buses when the “STOP” sign is out. Watch for little ones walking on sidewalks as they return home.

Let’s make this return to school safe.


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