McKinley correct on energy policy

When it comes to extremist politics, most elected officials learn quickly that what they propose up front needs to be just a bit more outlandish than what they actually hope to accomplish. The idea is that as the political process works, other ideas are heard and compromises are made, and both sides meet somewhere in the middle.

Surely, then, President Joe Biden knows U.S. Rep David McKinley, R-W.Va., is correct when he says, “Their goal of stopping the use of fossil fuels in the power sector by 2035 is not feasible and would decimate our economy.” If Biden does not, McKinley is in a fantastic spot to help him see the error of his ways, as Republican Subcommittee Leader on Environment and Climate Change.

McKinley calls the subcommittee “the tip of the spear” in the fight to make sure an extremist climate change and energy agenda does not hold sway. To that end, Mountain State residents can be assured McKinley is part of a team that has not forgotten it must “protect jobs and America’s economic competitiveness while developing alternative solutions that focus on American ingenuity and innovation.”

McKinley, also a member of the subcommittees on energy, has already proven to his colleagues he is willing to work across the aisle. If they do intend to fight for all Americans, they will be working closely enough with McKinley and his team that he does not have to reach too far.


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