Be cautious with stranger danger

Weirton residents may see crews going through their neighborhoods in the coming weeks, working on their residential water meters.

The Weirton Area Water Board is in the process of replacing approximately 3,000 radio modules on the meters, with crews from Key Stone Utilities providing the work. These individuals will have uniforms, photo identifications and marked vehicles to show residents they are legitimate and meant to be there. They also won’t need to go into your homes to perform the work.

The Water Board has been provided with a list of those individuals authorized to be working on the meters for an added layer of protection and verfication.

This is an instance where residents can rest easy. The company and city officials have sent notice to the community, and residents know what to look out for if the crews are in their neighborhood.

It also serves as a reminder to be careful in other situations.

All too often, we hear of individuals seen in our communities making claims and trying to find ways to enter our homes and businesses with dastardly motives. We must be cautious of these situations, asking for identification or any other proof to show they are who they claim. Don’t let anyone in your home unless you have previously arranged for them to be there.

If you are still uncertain, notify your local police department.


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