Hoping for a better West Virginia

To the Editor,

In reference to a recent letter authored by Bob Atkinson concerning Mr. Trump. It is usually my policy not to respond to extremists on either side of the political spectrum. However, Mr. Atkinson provides the exception to the rule.

In the name of full disclosure, I am an elected representative to the GOP convention in Cleveland supporting Mr. Trump. I am also seeking the office of County Commissioner of Hancock County. Now with that out of the way let’s get back to the issues at hand.

Like Mr. Atkinson, I have supported candidates of both political parties in my considerable lifetime throughout different communities around the country. I believe this experience has given me a unique perspective of the workings of government. From the Arizona deserts of Berry Goldwater to the hills of Bobby Byrd’s West Virginia is an education in and by itself!

Until recently West Virginia has suffered under one-party rule for over 80 years, resulting in the current situation of being last or near last in economic indicators. The results have been nothing short of disastrous with our young people moving out of state because of this economic malaise.

Fortunately a new awakening was born two years ago and with it came the opportunity to raise the economic phoenix from the ashes of stagnation and despair. This awakening was non-political as citizens voted for the future and put failed policies of the past behind them. In other words a new attitude was adopted geared towards future realities. Change is always difficult, but many brave West Virginians stood up and demanded a better tomorrow.

On a national level we are in a unsustainable $20 trillion budget deficit, our military has been decimated to below WWII levels which is not only shameless but in many instances a precursor to a major conflict we are unprepared to fight, socialized medicine (Obamacare) never works anywhere it’s tried, a one way trade policy that cost all Americans jobs and economic opportunity and, most importantly, a country without borders equates to no country at all!

From national, state and local issues this outdated 20th Century approach needs to be replaced with a forward thinking common sense approach that places “political correctness” on the dust bin of history. Just because someone has a bunch of degrees behind their name or worked in the steel industry does not qualify them to make future growth decisions. Real leaders recognize their weaknesses and surround themselves with a team of experienced experts, usually outside the community, who can work with local leaders to provide the best possible outcome. I have seen this approach work in other communities and this is my vision of a “Better West Virginia”.

Greg Baldt