Trump’s the biggest liar

To the Editor,

When I was young, the president of the United States was Dwight David Eisenhower. He was not always right and made mistakes, but he built the Interstate highway system. He warned against the military-industrial complex and top earners in this country paid an effective tax rate of 91 percent. He was a Republican and a man of high moral character. He was flawed, just as everyone is, but to my knowledge he was not a liar or a self-serving narcissistic, buffoonish misogynistic con man.

My, how the Republican Party has changed.

In my considerable lifetime, I have seen a lot of things, but never a liar of the scope and scale of Donald Trump. He’ll simply say anything he thinks will further his cause with, not just a little, but no regard for the truth.

I don’t think that he believes he can build a wall and force Mexico to pay for it or that we can deport 11 million Mexicans without going broke, but I intend to stick to the proven lies that he has been spreading like Chris Christie spreads butter on stacks of pancakes.

In 2007, he was just wondering if then-Sen. Barack Obama had been born in Kenya. President Obama produced a birth certificate and Trump would still not accept it as the truth. He said that he sent investigators to Hawaii and they were finding out some very interesting things and then never mentioned it again. I’m only guessing, but I would bet they were reporting back where the best happy hours were.

To this day, not apology, and when asked, he says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. To my shock and dismay, Chris Matthews actually allowed him to get away with this weak-minded reply. He should have been forced to answer the question or end the interview.

Recently, he suggested that Sen. Ted Cruz’ father was in on the Kennedy assassination with no proof whatsoever. Let me be clear on this, I hold Cruz with contempt and disdain, but to promote an outright lie to further one’s own political interests is nothing other than reprehensible. Again, no apology.

Politifact and both condemned him as he biggest liar on the campaign trail, and yet people still blindly support this megalomaniac as someone who speaks his mind instead of the voluminous liar that he is.

All of these lies, along with many others, should be combined with the following character difficulties to render him unacceptable to ever be president of the United States: He likes Putin and Kim Jong-un, kind of like Dennis Rodman. He is refusing to produce his income tax returns, a prerequisite for the last 40 years – everyone has. High-ranking commanders at the Pentagon are threatening to retire if Trump would become president. The Muslim mayor of London has rejected his invitation to visit America. He was caught posing as his own public relations man so he could brag about the women who supposedly wanted to date him.

Bob Atkinson