Be proud of Polish heritage

To the Editor,

October will mark the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Polish American Heritage month. Polish people have been an important part of America’s history and culture.

Polish Americans will mark the 408th anniversary of the first Polish settlers in Jamestown, Va. These settlers were among the first skilled workers in America.

Polish Americans settled in the Ohio Valley as glass blowers, miners, and steelworkers. Their presence can still be found in local Polish churches and organizations, such as the Polish National Alliance.

Throughout the Ohio Valley you can find polka dances and Polish festivals. Polish food can be found in the local grocery stores. Everyone loves paczki, kielbasa, and pierogies.

So celebrate Polish American Heritage month with your favorite food while listening to polkas or by watching Polish American TV personalities like Pat Sajak and Martha Stewart.

Also, Weir High School was fortunate this year to have a foreign exchange student from Warsaw, Poland.

So be proud of your Polish heritage.

Yvonne Tuchalski


PNA Council 50