Do they not care?

To the Editor,

Not that it matters a bit what I think, of course, but I have become somewhat disenchanted in recent months with many of the Bernie Sanders supporters; people I respected, even though we disagreed.

After months of scathing disdain and open dislike for Hillary Clinton during the primary election cycle, they now seem, somehow, to discern great virtue and decency in her.

The reason I’m so disappointed in them, is this: It’s not like it is with we skeptical Republicans; it’s not like “well, the candidates I liked were eliminated or dropped out, and so Trump is what we’re left with, and I also dislike the others. I will, therefore, hold my nose and support Trump.”

No, it’s not like that. They know, now, that Bernie Sanders, from the instant he threw his hat into the ring, never had a shot. Hillary unabashedly, shamelessly, rigged the primary. Right in front of the world.

Right in front of them.

In the face of this blatant fraud, open deceit, improper use of influence and Hillary’s theft of the nomination — right out from under their guy, whom they so enthusiastically supported for so long — how can they be so casual? Where is their outrage? Where are their principles?

And then Hillary has the cold audacity to accuse Trump of asking Russia to “influence our election” by releasing her 30-odd thousand e-mails, if they have them. Shameless hypocrisy.

The DNC very likely knew as early as 2012 that Hillary would get the nomination. Bernie was just the patsy, the straw man, who kept up with, and even surpassed, her. How can they just support her, like that? And did Bernie know, too?

My son was a Bernie supporter. He tells me that since he doesn’t care for any of the presidential candidates, he’s abstaining and not supporting any of them. That’s fine. He’s thinking for himself. That’s his choice.

I do hope he votes, regardless, for other candidates for other offices, but if he wants to abstain from the presidential race, fine.

But the former Bernie supporters who are now supporting Hillary, why? How can they not care what happened, not just to their candidate, but to the democratic process, itself?

Even though I was, and remain, a skeptical Trumper, after his commanding lead all through the primaries, I was ready and willing to leave the GOP, if they pulled something shady at the convention, denying him the nomination, as it was rumored they might. Even if they had picked someone I liked, I still would have left. It would’ve been a matter of principle. These things do matter. They have to.

We would have known, then, that the party elites cared nothing for our opinions; that our votes count for nothing. But, for better or worse, we have candidate Trump.

Sanders supporters who are now lining up behind Hillary, though, in my opinion they should be ashamed of themselves. All of them. But they won’t be, they are Democrats, after all.

Rob Denham