A challenge for the future

To the Editor,

Let’s talk sense in an imperfect world.

As a good Democrat, I believe in a strong, central form of government which provides for a person from cradle to grave and dispenses justice in the form of “government knows what is best for the populace,” is as close to lunacy as one can get.

We must remain a republic. Rule by law, trial by jury, obey the Constitution, the right to bear arms and the pursuit of happiness. By one’s own will to become a success, not the government deciding who will be successful or not.

A good Democrat, yes, not a socialist, because we now have Medicare, Social Security and at one time collected unemployment, the entitlements the conservatives deplore but collect.

As the population expands, it brings new challenges for the 21st Century.

How to take care of the sick, poor and aged and if we cannot accomplish it, we are doomed from within.

Steve Kopa