A ruined day

To the Editor,

We visited the Hancock County Animal Shelter around September 19 and found a dog there named Dozer. We brought our dog Ziggy with us to see if they would get along and there was no issue between the two.

We were told that Dozer had been hit by a car and that he had suffered a broken pelvis. He was still being cared for by a vet and he also needed to be neutered yet. We filled out the forms for adoption and we were called a day or two later to inform us that we had been accepted as the new home for Dozer.

We understood that Dozer was still being cared for as far as his injuries were concerned and we wanted only the best for him, so we agreed to leave him under the care of the shelter and that we would be notified when Dozer was ready to come home with us.

My wife called the shelter a few weeks later and she was treated badly on the phone, as if she was a nuisance calling to find out how Dozer was doing. So we waited another week, when I called to find out how Dozer was doing and to find out a schedule for when we could go back to the shelter to pick him up.

I was told that Dozer had been fostered out to a family and that there was a family that was adopting him from under us. I was also told that the shelter had tried several times to call us, but that is not true as we had provided our cell phone numbers in order to reach us and there is no record on either of our cell phones that the shelter tried to call us.

It’s obvious that for some reason the shelter decided to give Dozer to someone else regardless of what we were told or what plans we had made in order to provide Dozer with the best opportunity for his complete recovery. This is shoddy behavior on the part of the shelter and we are very upset that Dozer will not be joining our family. We were looking forward to bringing him home as we had already purchased a new collar, leash, food dish, toys and treats to welcome him with.

Thanks to the shelter for ruining our day.

Robert C. Faulkner

Carnegie, Pa.


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