Seminar will look at cats

To the Editor,

The management of free roaming, stray and feral cats is a serious issue facing our communities. On one hand, there are those people who love and care for these cats; on the other are those who hate the cats and want them eliminated. No matter which side of this issue you are on, there is common ground — each side wants the cats to be managed. The consensus is that TNR — trap, neuter and return — is the most humane and the most effective method to achieve this goal.

A managed trap-neuter-return program with a set feeding area and schedule discourages roaming. Spaying and neutering these cats prevents the birth of more kittens and stabilizes the colony. New cats are reluctant to enter territory occupied by a managed colony and the colony is reduced by attrition.

Outdoor cats have been part of our landscape for thousands of years and always will be. Compassionate and effective solutions to help cats and communities coexist peacefully are readily available.

That is why, as part of its community outreach program, Animal Care and Welfare, a Pennsylvania-based animal rescue, has scheduled Caring for Community Cats: A TNR Seminar. Our speakers are Dr. Becky Morrow, DVM, of Frankie’s Friends Mobile Veterinary Clinic and nationally known TNR expert Toby Franks.

This free event is set for Saturday at Victorian Hall, 1801 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton. The hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Everyone in the Tri-State Area is invited. No RSVP is necessary and guests are welcome.

I urge everyone to attend this timely and informative event to learn about humane, non-lethal methods of managing the community cat population for the benefit of humans and cats alike.

For information, call (304) 387-2508 or e-mail me at animalcareandwelfare@yahoo.com.

Jane Mehaffey

New Cumberland


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