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To the Editor,

Well, we are able, at last, to stop and take a breath. The political season is finally over and we can refocus on stuff that is really important — The Reason for the Season. Regardless of your religious affiliation, this time of the year brings us together like none other on the calendar.

During my time on the planet (6+ decades) I have had the honor of attending a plethora of religious services that have inspired me in ways I cannot begin to explain.

This year I was invited to services held at the Cove Presbyterian Church of Weirton. The Pastor Dr. James E. Rudiger was the source of inspiration and provided one of the most contemporary, thought-provoking services I had the privilege of witnessing. Most of the religious tapestries you find this time of year were toned down just enough that the parishioners’ main focus remained on the Reason for the Season.

Pastor Rudiger, whose appearance and dress(quite stylish!), shared a resembalance with America’s Colonial period and yet his message was so contemporary with a down-home delivery. He spins the tale of the birth of Jesus Christ in terms that have you thinking this miracle occurred just last week instead 2,000 years past! The good Doctor’s oratory skills brings these religious icons of history alive in everyday terms that is truly amazing. He explains their all-too-human faults, doubts and final unabashed acceptance; God’s great gift to the world.

No matter your religious preference, I urge all believers to make time and attend one of Pastor Rudiger’s services. I promise you will not be disappointed — only inspired!

Greg Baldt



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