For better or worse

To the Editor,

Wouldn’t it be shameful to surmize that the private sector kept $3 million off shore, making no investment into the American economy just becasue we had a black president, leaving the middle class to suffer for eight years?

Now, it’s up to Trump. Yet Trump has no clue to what he has gotten himself into, and no clue what to do about it.

Some of his tweets are so absured, it’s like adolescents sending nude photos to one another, not knowing any better.

Trump is cleaning out the swamp and creating a cesspool.

The war drums along the Hudson River, emitting from the 12th floor of Trump Tower, are locked and loaded.

His cabinet picks from hair-trigger generals to hints of racism at top levels. Hopefully it is not a hint of what is to come.

But just as the President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have responded, I also hope his desire to be the best president ever materializes.

Bows and arrows are long gone. Cyber attacks wrecking everything from elections to our drinking water and nuclear are weapons of the day.

We must now accept America is now dependent on president-elect Donald Trump.

Viva America.

Steve Kopa