Many questions about Trump

To the Editor,

The shame of a station –Fox News — to prod President-elect Trump into keeping promises — or should I say chatter –he made on the campaign trail is ludicrous.

Trump slipped in his first press conference. He mentioned Nazi Germany’s propaganda machine, leaving his agenda open to Hitler’s.

Trump has been considering ways to restructure intelligence agencies to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Is Gen. Michael Flynn a designer of a Gestapo who suppresses opposition to Trumpmania? Revamping the intelligence community to put more agents in the field — Trump’s plan cannot put hundreds in the field in foreign nations.

So where to implant them? We have to get tough –make America great again, stop terrorism, put hundreds in Boy Scout meetings, school PTAs, synagogues, mosques and churches, making America a police state no one can get into, but no one can get out of. It will look good, catching a few terrorists, until the innocent people are accused.

Just for starters, a second mistake — for what health care means to millions of Americans, why make it a first priority to derail it? Why can’t it just be made better? No matter what the Republicans come up with, it will still be an Affordable Care Act and will always be Obamacare. The media made it so while trying to derail it from day one.

A second thought on local health care: Smoking and second-hand smoke are not fake news. It is a fact that smoke causes cancer.

Why would anyone want to change who is in charge of health care?

Would one go to a county commissioner or a legislator for a sure, or would he or she consult a doctor?

Thank God for Vice President Joe Biden — he said it best when he said, “Grow up and do something.”

Steve Kopa



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