Progress being made at Weirton museum

To the Editor,

As we enter a new year here at the museum, it brings to mind a saying often quoted by my old boss, who was somewhat younger and much wiser than me. In our team meetings, as we improved our engineering standards and designed new projects with shorter deadlines, he would always let us know that he was aware “We are building the plane as it’s going down the runway.”

Fast-forward 10 years now and looking back since we opened the museum, it appears those same words are applicable to the approach we have taken here at Weirton Area Museum & Cultural Center. We have been constantly building, renovating, and improving, while simultaneously being open to the public and hosting events. We started in a small hot dog shop in 2006, moved to our current larger building in 2011, and now finally in 2017 we are on the verge of becoming airborne.

All volunteer work and daily attention has gone into our museum, but none of it would be accomplished without the financial and community support we have received. We have logically progressed with each grant and donation that blesses us. Good things do take time, and we appreciate those who have the wisdom, patience, and understanding to realize it. When we open the second floor within a few months, we will give recognition to all of you who have supported us (2nd Floor opening date to be announced soon). Thank you all so very much.

The second floor has nine rooms, and each will have a name and historical purpose. These are the original rooms that Home Furniture Company used for their living room and bedroom displays. Themes captured on the second floor will include a “Discovery Room” for children’s activities and board meetings, Holliday’s Cove Fort, medical history, school history, Weirton Steel history, Avenues A ot K, history interview recording, and much more. Eventually, the second floor will have a large permanent Weirton Steel Mill & Train display, complete with blast furnaces, bridges, etc… and video monitors to explain each of our main exhibits at the push of the button. The first floor will also have new displays and improvements including our city police and fire dept. histories, but it cannot possibly be explained with only words. You will need to visit and experience it for yourself and family. As for now, please excuse the temporary disarrangement of tables, furniture, and other items. The ground work is nearing completion, our new elevator is ready for use, and we are preparing for take-off. It will be a great place for visitors to come aboard, fasten their seat belts, and enjoy the trip.

Dennis R. Jones

Executive Director

Weirton Area Museum & Cultural Center


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