We’re entering a different dimension

To the Editor,

Let’s talk about something other than Donald Trump. Come with me to the time when Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” filled the television airwaves. The year was 1964. The day was Feb. 25. John F. Kennedy had been assassinated fewer than 100 days earlier, and the mob controlled boxing through a man named Frankie Carbo.

Cassius Clay, the 1960 Olympic gold medal winner, was fighting Sonny Liston, whose manager was, in fact, Philadelphia’s organized crime figure Frank “Blinky” Palermo. The Louisville Lip, as Clay was called back then, claimed, at the end of the fourth round of the bout, “I can’t see, my eyes are burning.”

The 27th episode of the “The Twilight Zone,” which had premiered in 1962, is set in the old black-and-white era where the boxers switch places because of a little boy’s wish, but the boy’s stepfather could not believe in the child’s wish, so results were returned as they were, with him the loser. It’s easy to get your news from the History Channel — the good, old U.S.A. always wins, the black-and-white battle scenes with the Army marching through Europe in 1944 and 1945.

You can’t live in the past — Donald Trump is president of the United States, as it was said on Feb. 12 on C-SPAN II. No one in power today can remember then things on the world scene completely broke down, because it’s been more than 70 years.

As Trump moves America away from the Truman Doctrine and toward America First, it is worth recalling that Rome fell because it spent all of its money on keeping the Barbarians out — what’s today is known as the wall — and not investing in their own infrastructure.

Trump is going to have, or more correctly, his supporters will say, “I told you so.” Because as Albert Einstein put it, “I don’t know what weapons will be used to fight the third world war, but I do know that sticks and stones will be used to fight the fourth.”

Let’s turn “The Twilight Zone” back on to see how the fight ends.

Michael Traubert



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