Rally showed the best of America

To the Editor,

I swung by the “Pumped for Trump” rally that was held in Weirton on Saturday, March 4th.

I couldn’t stay long, due to having to get my daughters to a birthday party, but the time that I spent there, I honestly have to say that I would have liked to have stayed longer.

To me it was a great experience, to see a few people that stood together for a purpose and that purpose is to support our President of the United States.

Whether you like the guy or not, he is trying to perform a job that he wasn’t involved in in his past profession, nor has he ever taken part in, and that’s being a politician, and which, honestly, I think he is sincerely trying his best for the American people.

But besides that, it was great to see a group of peaceful individuals standing together, saying the Lord’s Prayer, then about-facing to the American Flag, to say The Pledge of Allegiance, which isn’t even said in many of our schools nowadays, and being very respectful of one another and showing nothing but positivity towards this great nation of ours.

When I first walked up to the rally, one lady came up to me and handed me an American flag, just for being there.

It wasn’t to promote Trump, or any other political party or name, but to promote America — and that’s what we should be doing. When they found out that I had served in the military, I was greeted with handshakes and thank you’s all around. It was nothing but good vibes and no negativity nonsense. This is what we need in America, that we haven’t seen in a long time; saying the Lord’s Prayer, even when you are not in church, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance even when you are not in school, supporting those who defend our great nation even when we are not around a military base, and respecting our elders even when we are just out and about performing our everyday activities.

These are the simple things that America is losing ground on, when it comes to our up and coming generations. These are the simple things that America is starting to lack in, and it shows…as Americans, we need to show pride in our country, our flag and ourselves…that’s who we are, and that’s how we will become great, again.

Tony Minger



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