Trump has the wrong goals

To the Editor,

What’s happening in America with Trump’s helter skelter transition team?

Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republicans keep saying Obamacare would collapse on its own. We must repeal it.

The reason Obamacare exists today. The good old boys’ health care plans collapsed under the private sector’s crony capitalism plans with record high premiums, high deductibles, gimmicks like pre-existing conditions, leaving 20 million uninsured.

Repealing the ACA is not an option. Tweaking it is. Throwing 20 million insured back into the private sector’s good old boys’ health care plan is retreating from ever having health care for everyone, which is considered as a right throughout the world.

Sunday, Jan. 29, the American government, operating under the helter skelter transition team of President Trump, trying to convince his base they would get tough on immigration, detained people who were vetted and had green cards willing to identify themselves to board planes.

They were denied and detained, operating like F Troop while Ivan the Terrible walked right on by.

Everybody thinks we learn from history. G.W. Bush was a history major at Yale. Yet he invaded Iraq. He must have skipped the classes on Vietnam.

Trump’s goal: emporor of the world. Hopefully, it’s hail, not heil Donald.

Steve Kopa



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