A generational divide

To the Editor,

Generations: The Greatest Generation has seen its best days. The Baby Boomers are retiring. We are now confronted by the Millenials and hte Z Generation afterwards.

What’s next for the Z Generation in the next 50 years?

A generation with no immune system. We are being subjected to a pill for every ill. There are some cancers that will not cause death. One will die of another cause first. But with the scare tactic, early detection might save one’s life and the “I never want to die” generation, they are becoming guinea pigs for experimentation of living forever.

If one is young and in need of a designer drug, take it. If elderly, the complications are not worth it.

By their own advertisements, the pharmaceutical companies warn for every new pill advertised, there is a side effect that might cause one’s death or more complications.

One warning the over-use of antibiotics is causing humans to become subject to a super bug that cannot be contained.

The industry is creating the next 100-year generation with no real immune system, and the synthetic pill world being advanced will collapse under our nose.

If they make it, humans will take it. Opioids for death-defying pain turns into a designer drug for the no-pain crowd, creating an epidemic of users dying by the thousands.

Sorry to say there is no nice place to die, or a nice way to die, but there is a humane way to die. Sit back, have a glass of wine and pray.

Steve Kopa



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