Gender questions all around us

To the Editor,

If we’re to believe the all-too-wide-open-minded, new liberal orthodoxy, there are just about any number of combinations to what was formerly known — and is still known to we logical, if quaint, hopelessly backward, non-brainwashed folk — as gender.

In Ye Olden Tymes of, say, two or three years ago, gender meant sex, as in male or female. You could be straight or homosexual, but were still male or female, depending upon which standardized equipment you’re born with.

Now, according to academia, gender and sex are apparently two very disparate, yet interchangeable, things, regardless of how Mother Nature arranged your DNA upon conception.

It’s all in the mind. One can be physically male, yet psychologically, female, and vice-versa, of course.

This category, it seems, is where transgender people, those with so-called gender dysphoria — in demanding their right to use whichever restroom(s) they feel appropriate — fall.

There is also the relatively new option of the non-binary individual, who seems to exist in some fluid, gender or sex limbo, where they are apparently both, and neither, male nor female, nor transgender.

These people are insane, identifying as neither he, nor she, often preferring the pronouns they or them, or even invented, neutral pronouns like “ze” and “zhe” which still seem fairly gender-specific.

Therefore, to avoid “offending the gender and personal identity” of this comparatively miniscule population, they request us to stop assuming gender altogether, literally asking a person’s pronoun preference before interacting with them. In other words, before initiating general conversation.

This makes these people, in my opinion, very selfish, intolerant and egotistical. They know they constitute a vanishingly-small percentage of the world population-so inconsiderably small, that little data exists-yet to avoid hurting their delicate feelings, they demand the rest of the world’s 8 billion people modify thousands of years of gender or sex perception, even our established language of gender, simply to accommodate their peculiarities. Or rather, to facilitate and enable their delusions, as many have with transgenders, who, according to 2010 census data, comprise less than 100,000 of the U.S.population of 340,000,000.

All this does, as with most liberal ideologies, is further complicate life, making social relationships, romantic involvements, even conversation, more difficult to navigate.

The problem is, these folks are actually taken seriously by people who, for whatever reasons, are considered influential taking steps to accommodate them, and then demand that the rest of us do, too. Furthermore, too many of the rest of us apparently lack the intellectual and social courage, or are just too apathetic, to oppose them.

How, exactly, does any of this affect me, personally? Strictly speaking, it doesn’t.

However, I refuse to revise my entire perception of gender or sex to accommodate a relative handful of people. I absolutely reject opening a conversation with a total stranger with, “Hello, I’m Rob. I’m male. You may refer to me as he or him. What’s your name and preferred gender-based pronoun?”

That’s ridiculous.

And it would be the worst pickup line in history.


Rob Denham



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