Thankful for court project

To the Editor,

We are thrilled to see the City beginning renovation work at Starvaggi Park on the tennis/basketball court complex. We are also pleased to see that the new lighting will be included in the renovation. The existing lighting had many issues and contrary to what some have said, it was and is essential. We have lived in the area of the park for three ‘tennis’ seasons, and due to the condition of the courts, my friends will not play on the courts (our matches normally go into the evening hours).

Prior to the deterioration of the tennis courts, many of us and others played on the courts and utilized the lighting feature, not to mention the many high school matches that require and have required the lighting. So, again thank you Parks and Recreation Board for including the new lighting in the overall scheme.

It is great to see our City workers at the Park clearing the way for the many improvements to come.

On behalf of tennis players and those involved in the sport, thanks!

Sandi Gajtka



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