A few random thoughts

To the Editor,

Murderers, if raised in a violent environment, it pushes them over the edge to commit the act of murder with no reason and no remorse.

I think there is something to be said about beautiful women and handsome men.

If the first word out of their mouth is “da” it don’t impress.

Stuffing the Supreme Court with either liberals or conservatives to change the outcome of settled law signifies a change in priorities, putting the Constitution in limbo as to what it meant in the first interpretation by the founders. How can that be?

Remember the good old days when apples were a nickel and one could grab one off the cart and run like hell?

There are different things that happen at different times in history that call for different types of action.

There is no such thing as liberal or conservative. One is either in tune with what’s happening or you’re not, but one should adjust to the circumstances or we all lose.

The private sectors answer to Trump’s immigration plan. Less jobs, it will encourage more companies to use robots. Not enough labor available.

I am tired of hearing about two parent homes and how it will cure all our ills. The only way a two parent home is any good is if one has two good parents.

There is only one thing I would like to point out about conservatism. It is void of empathy.

Take Sean Hannity’s fish story. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself. Not so, notes the wise man. What the private sector sees him fishing, they will triple the price of rod, reel and sinker and he is hungry once again.

From a gnat to humans, when any form of life sees the light of day, it never wants to relinquish it.

The result from the first liberal human, the Garden of Eden, then came along the conservative. You know who to punish. The two having fun with no shame.

Steve Kopa



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