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To the Editor,

Regarding Republicans who are running for U.S. Senate to represent West Virginia, Don Blankenship has been airing nasty ads against current Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin since, I believe it was, last summer. He aligns himself totally with President Donald Trump. Trump has a nasty disposition continuing his public and constant bullying and demeaning many people even those who were his greatest supporters. And he even more degrades any of his criticizers. He does not conduct himself in a dignified and respectful way and has no integrity. Please do not vote for Don Blankenship. We don’t need more nasty and negative influences.

Republican candidate Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has done a very good job for West Virginia. But it’s disappointing that he needs to “lie” in his TV ads about Manchin saying that he (Morrisey) has true West Virginia values, but Manchin only has West Virginia values around election time. This is not true. Joe Manchin is a good, decent and respectful man. It’s been obvious by TV and newspaper reports that he’s always working hard for the benefit of West Virginians, whether for coal miner benefits, to fight the opioid crisis and whatever. He’s not a liberal. He’s a moderate/conservative and an independent thinker, a common-sense senator and “pro life” who voted for conservative Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court justice. We need more people in government who are not stuck to the extreme right or left and who are independent thinkers.

The TV ads against Manchin show him in pictures with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to associate him with them. And, it has been known that a majority of West Virginians hate Clinton and Obama. This is a “hate” campaign by the Republicans against Manchin. I am sick of hate and nasty campaigns as what the Republicans did nationally for the 2016 campaigns for president and other offices. Republican candidates, show what your positive achievements are, what your qualifications are and what you plan to do in the position — not poison everybody with hatred toward a democratic candidate. Pope Francis said in a recent article published in The Weirton Daily Times that to sow hatred is of the influence of the devil.

And about gun control, candidate Evan Jenkins says in the TV ads, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” No, not if the person has an automatic weapon that rapid fires like a machine gun.Even law enforcement can’t have a chance against that. Democrats are not trying to take away people’s guns for protection and pleasure, just some “common sense” gun control. Ban bump stocks and automatic weapons that have been used in the mass killings.

Please go out to vote in the primary election on May 8. Please vote to continue the Hancock County Library levy which supports the three libraries in Hancock County. The libraries provide valuable services to people of all ages, including children.

Dianne R. Bannister



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