Support library levy

To the Editor,

The Hancock County Library Levy is on the ballot this May 8.

We ask our readers, lovers of books, and our Hancock County library users for support of the Hancock Library Levy. Our voters are needed to pass the Library Levy and to continue to provide the current $200,000 funding annually for the next four years for the Mary H. Weir Public Library in Weirton, the Lynn Murray Memorial Library in Chester and the Swaney Memorial Public Library in New Cumberland.

This library renewal county levy for our communities has no increases in taxes and it is the third no increase renewal library levy for Hancock County. For the cost of an average paperback book, the library levy funding will help enable Hancock County’s three libraries to continue to provide books for children and adults, including magazines, newspapers, e-books, and children’s story hours, access to computers for the Internet, business and writing software, books for homework and online resources for independent research needed for children and adults.

The Library levy also provides large print books for our citizens needing extra help with appropriate print type for fiction as well as non-fiction books. The approval of the library levy will help the libraries to continue to maintain the needed public library services for our children, adults, seniors, and families.

The three libraries provide free public services for all Hancock County citizens visiting, reading and using books and library programs and services. A 60 percent voter approval is needed on that day to approve this levy and not a simple majority! Some of us may not be aware of this State requirement. We ask you, your family, parents, friends and neighbors to “please vote yes” for the Hancock County Library Levy for books and library services on May 8, Election Day.

Thank You!

Joseph C. Evano

President, Mary H. Weir Public

Library Board


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