We’re facing grave consequences

To the Editor,

Can it be? Is it possible America is home to God’s chosen people in the 21st century trying to democratize the world in his image?

But, because of our sins must we suffer by falling into Putin’s grand plan and Trump’s no plan that’s going to make America’s demise eminent?

With Trump’s tariffs and antagonizing our allies, Putin’s Russia sits back, knowing America’s isolation will come from within. With Trump’s actions against other nations, they will isolate themselves from the United States, leaving America standing alone against the world.

Is Putin the devil in disguise who has offered Trump an apple, daring him to take a bite of it from their previous dealings?

Did Trump bite the apple and collude with Russia in return for worldly riches instead of being the angel of righteousness for the world?

Trump’s domestic and foreign policies are starting to show grave consequences for America.

The latest: John Bolton — if Trump goes nuclear, there is no where to hide, rich or poor, young or old –we all perish.

Happy Easter. Christ has risen — indeed, he has risen.

Steve Kopa



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