A few snippets from today’s news

To the Editor,

The news, and more, in snippets:

• President Trump’s decision to cut taxes during nature’s war on the planet is putting the final touches on our dilapidated infrastructure.

• The basic instincts of animals, tribalism and nationalism. Animals spray around their area and warn other animals that if they enter, it will lead to war. Humans set up borders that, if violated, will lead to war. Shouldn’t we be better?

• Trump’s deregulation is not even humane. If it’s not in a person’s DNA to withstand the chemicals we breathe, eat and drink, death is upon us.

• Cancer is a horrific disease most often covered in a whisper, barely heard — Joey has cancer. As it relates to smoking, deregulation happened in Hancock County. The health board with some key moves rescinded an all-county smoking ban, welcoming back cancer.

• The Senate Judiciary Committee, composed of 11 angry Republican men who have never taken a woman to dinner with any romantic results blame everything on women.

• It’s a bad day for women — two men accused of sexual misconduct are on the Supreme Court.

• It’s that time of the year when Trump’s carriage is about to be turned into a pumpkin.

• Corporate America and capitalism have a problem with Jeff Bezos and Amazon selling everything from apples to videos.

• Opioids are leading to trouble in America. If we crack down on legal opioids, we make the drug cartels richer. Those suffering from pain, physical or mental, will turn to illegal drugs, including heroin, weed, mushrooms — anything they can get their hands on.

• Gun violence in schools: Some think better tracking of the mental health of students would help. It’s very sad to think that every child who is going through puberty would have to be drugged. There’s something wrong with that.

• The fellow who is as dumb as a box of rocks will get more attention than the smartest one at the table.

• If one said it, one can deny it. If one wrote it, one owns it. Say anything that you want –watch what you write.

Steve Kopa



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