A reason to vote

To the Editor,

Vote. The reason to use one of your constitutional rights. In this case, the right to vote and show your displeasure in the smoking ban reversal in Hancock County.

No reason to mention names. Everyone knows the usual suspects. Just follow the bouncing ball to the tune of ca-chink, ca-chink of your dollars going into a video lottery machine.

One vacancy on the health board, a new member was appointed, and bam, the all-county smoking ban was reversed to allow smoking at Mountaineer Casino and LVL parlors.

Democracy should not be a farce and a sham, yet it was pulled on the public. But that’s what election day is all about.

If one likes the reversal of the smoking ban and how it was carried out, vote for the men in office. If not, vote them out.

It’s that simple. No tears, no regrets. You win some, you lose some. But please, vote. It’s your right.

Steve Kopa