An important election for Hancock County

To the Editor,

This November 6th is one of the most important mid-term elections in recent memory. On a national and state level, the two parties have very differing viewpoints as to the best course of action. I believe in the conservative approach, which is pro-business, pro-growth, and low taxes, which results in higher revenues and higher wages. And we’ve seen the results both nationally and on the state level. West Virginia has experienced unprecedented growth and surpluses since Republicans have taken control of the West Virginia Legislature.

On the local level, these principles can also be applied. As a county, together, we can work toward a better business environment, bringing jobs, revenue, and an increased tax base. Together, through programs, partnerships, and uniting people with a real passion for Hancock County, we can put a real dent in the opioid crisis. Together, we can explore the potential of a Port Authority and a task force/advisory committee for grants and business. I do have lofty goals for our county, but I also believe we can achieve them and more…together. As commissioner, I would strive for Hancock County not just to be safe, but to also have the best quality of life. I will make thoughtful, transparent decisions, and be easily accessible to help with any problems or issues. I would like the opportunity to serve Hancock County as your next commissioner.

Tommy Ogden



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