Decision was wrong for Hancock County

To the Editor,

Something sure smells fishy at the Health Department. The vote to reverse the Smoking Ban at Mountaineer Casino and surrounding cafe’s was more covert than when the Navy Seals went in and got Bin Laden.

I don’t believe I seen anything in the newspapers, T.V. or on the news about it. It makes you wonder whose palms got greased to overturn the Smoking Ban.

The reason Mountaineer Casino lost business was not because of the Smoking Ban, it was that three more casinos opened up in the area and most of the customers at Mountaineer are from Ohio and Pennsylvania. So why would you travel an hour or two to Mountaineer when in 30 minutes you can be at your new local casino.

It seems like some people at the Health Department don’t understand that cigarette and cigar smoke are bad for you. It makes you wonder what they will do if they find lead in our water. Maybe the Health Department will say it doesn’t affect you if you’re at Mountaineer or a local cafe. Mountaineer is already looking shabby with cigarette butts on the floor, ashes all over the place and ashtrays on the floor.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath when you come in, cause that’s what you’re going to smell like for the rest of the evening. I forgot what it was like having my eyes water, throat being sore and my clothes needing washed every night from the smoke.

Thanks Health Department

Paula Lucas



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