Hancock County needs better representation

To the Editor,

In 2007, an Ethics Law exemption allowing Hancock County Commissioner Davis to establish a 100 year land lease contract with the county for housing a new emergency response communication tower on Davis property was denied by the W.Va. Ethics Commission. The lease would have netted the Davis family over $600,000 during the life of the agreement. The Ethics Commission stated there was no substantial benefit to the county in locating the new tower from the current county owned property to Mr. Davis’s property.

In September 2017, 10 years later, the W.Va. Ethics Commission again denied Commissioner Davis an Ethics Law exemption which would allow Commissioner Davis to sell car washes to the county. Unfortunately, Commissioner Davis had already been selling carwashes to the county for well over 10 years. The Ethics Commission denied the request stating that Mr. Davis was charging the county $2 more per car wash than his competition and there appeared to be no hardship related to using the less expensive car wash.

In late 2017, the W.Va. Prosecuting Attorneys Association assigned a county Prosecuting Attorney to investigate and possibly criminally prosecute Commissioner Davis for selling the car washes to the county for over a 10 year period without the required Ethics Law exemption. Because there is a five year statute of limitations related to seeking reimbursement penalties, the Prosecutor settled the criminal complaint against Commissioner Davis for a “little less than $30,000”. However, Commissioner Davis kept all the money gained for the 10 – 15 year period before the five year period related to the $29,500 out of court settlement.

Thomas Jefferson said “In a democracy, you get the government you deserve”. Mr. Davis has been a county commissioner for close to 18 years. Are the above actions of a person worthy of being re-elected for six more years? Eighteen years in an elected position is more than enough. It is time for a change.

We need to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.


Rudy Rosnick