McGeehan has character

To the Editor,

Pat McGeehan was my office mate during the four years that I represented the 47th district in the West Virginia House of Delegates. From the start, I observed, firsthand, Delegate McGeehan’s work ethic — how doggedly he works for his constituency. Pat McGeehan reads, in entirety, every bill that is put before us, and his informed opinions are sought and acknowledged by other delegates. Pat and I both achieved a voting record of 100 percent, which is a rare accomplishment in the House — one that speaks to the gravity he places on his service.

As a dedicated public servant, Pat McGeehan pursues truth and fairness in government. His priority has been and will always be to serve the people of the 1st district, and he is quick to respond to issues that residents of Hancock and Brooke counties bring to him.

I once recall McGeehan taking on a state agency so that an elderly constituent would have adequate heating in her home. And in addition to examples like this, his work for veterans in his community is simply tireless.

Anyone who knows Delegate Pat McGeehan knows that he is a true independent thinker, and it is this independence that allows him the freedom to speak on issues that would affect his constituency. Pat McGeehan has an ability to articulate the heart of an issue that makes him an invaluable member within the committees he serves on, and he is also an impassioned speaker from the House floor. His strength of character and strong family values serve him well in this arena, and that strength allows him the fortitude never to bow to political pressure.

It was a distinctive pleasure to serve with Delegate McGeehan and share an office with him. I have a great deal of respect for Pat McGeehan as a public servant, and admiration for him as a friend. There is not a better person to fill this seat for the 1st District and represent you in the West Virginia House of Delegates in Charleston.

Danny R. Wagner

State Delegate, Barbour County


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