Support excess levy

To the Editor,

When our confidence in our state and federal government gets shaken, we can still count on our little community to provide an amazing array of services to help us. I am always thankful I settled in Brooke County.

The well-being of each citizen is nurtured by our Health Department, Ambulance Service, Healthways and Senior Center. From the youngest, with prenatal care to the oldest, with meals on wheels, individual needs are being met.

Learning from the past and preparing for the future is supported by the Brooke County Public Libraries, W.V.U. Extension Services and the Brooke County Museum and Culture Center. These are places that provide free life-long learning opportunities. They also help to instill a love of our local heritage.

Family-friendly activities are always available at Brooke Hills Park. The recreational green spaces have been improved to include, cabins, disc-golf and new restrooms and showers for the campers. The word is that there are many new projects in the works for this park.

We may not always realize how lucky we are to live in Brooke County. We have so many resources available that we shouldn’t take for granted. You don’t realize what you have until it is gone. Maybe that doesn’t have to be true.

The question I’m asking is this, “Why would we want to take a chance of losing these agencies that offer us so much?” All we need is 60 percent of voters to approve the renewal of the Brooke County Excess Levy. This will not increase your taxes, but it will increase your quality of life.


Teresa Taylor