Suspicious times

To the Editor,

We all have been inundated lately with large postcard candidate mailers touting each others’ crookedness! The carpet bagger Morrisey accurately hypes Manchin’s tap dancing around his connection to Mylan pharms’ rip off, while Manchin accurately hypes the “60 Minutes” expose of Morrisey tripping all over his tongue when confronted with his wife’s lobbying for an opioid manufacturer.

In the debate in Wheeling Tuesday evening, Ihlenfeld accused Ferns of profiting from a real estate deal as a state legislator and Ferns pointed out Ihlenfeld’s hypocrisy of retiring after being a federal prosecutor and joining a law firm representing a big opioid pharmaceutical pusher!

One breath of fresh air was Pat McGeehan’s mailer simply stating his position on lobbyists, taxes, and ethics. He has nothing to do with lobbyists, believes government should live within its means, and ethical deportment underpins what he does, which to me means who he is.

During the first legislative session of Delegate McGeehan’s first term, an acquaintance who is a lobbyist coordinator for a Charleston law firm that represents various special interests, made a disparaging remark about a speech McGeehan made on the House floor. I thought it odd, but said nothing. A few weeks later I coincidentally caught a speech McGeehan made and realized he was an intelligent, thoughtful, and a well reasoned individual, the opposite of what the coordinator had implied. Then I realized it was sour grapes. The Charleston lobbying crowd was used to having their way at the Capitol, wining and dining and heaven knows what else and Pat McGeehan was having none of it: Thus the pot bellied lobbyist trying to paint the kettle of integrity disparagingly.

On the local level, Brooke County residents are upset with the school board earmarking a quarter million of the proposed excess levy for professional salary enhancements after laying off 40 teachers! Hancock County earmarked 3.75 million out of the 7.9 million proposed excess levy (47 percent) for administrative, professional, and service personnel salary supplements while only $40,000 for classroom materials (a commom complaint of teachers is they often have to supply their own). The numbers speak louder about priorities than words!

Out of nowhere and faster than four city workers can install a stop sign, we have a committee studying our water and sewage treatment capablity because an unknown and mysterious “business” may locate here if we can supply and treat a half a million gallons of water a day?! What kind of business needs to treat a half a million gallons of water a day? The two councilmen I asked, don’t know! Why the secrecy? Secrecy implies trying to hide something.

The only business I am aware of that needs that volume of water is fracking. The state is shutting down injection wells in Pennsylvania because of the environmental damage they cause. They are now trucking the chemically laced waste water to Eastern Ohio. Weirton is closer. Until those in the know come clean, that’s the prime suspect!

Blaise Hogan