Tips for a safe Halloween

To the Editor,

As the famous Halloween approaches, here is some tips to follow for a safe evening.

1. As the children go about through the neighborhood, make sure that your children are with others that they know. If your kids are too little to walk too far, go with them. It will be a lasting experience for you and your child/children.

2. Check the bags of goodies for foreign objects, or items that don’t look safe for your young ones to eat. Also check fruits like apples and oranges for the same thing. If candy wrappers are slightly torn, or have small holes in them, throw them away immediately.

3. Some hospitals will x-ray your candy, to check for any foreign objects. Check with your local hospital to see if they provide this service.

4. Parents…if you are going to a party, prepare yourself by:

A. Having a good time.

B. Be responsible in drinking.

C. Choose who is going to drive. One of you has to remain sober.

D. If you have children, rely on a good babysitter to take care of them while you are out having fun.

E. Watch your time. Don’t run too late. That babysitter might have some homework to do for school the next day.

5. Wherever you are, with the kids, or by yourself, watch out for the other guy, or girl, behind the wheel. There is an easy distraction when the texting of phones, tuning in the radio, or other distractions will take their focus off of the road. Be careful.

If you follow these simple rules, all will enjoy themselves. Be careful out there.

Kevin Neverly



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