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To the Editor,

Republican Patrick Morrisey, who is running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, began his campaign last spring lying about Manchin. Morrisey said, “He (Manchin) doesn’t care about the people of West Virginia, except at election time.” Not true. I read newspapers and watch TV news. Manchin has frequently been in the news working hard to benefit the people of West Virginia.

These are some of Morrisey’s approaches in his TV ads: “We can’t trust lying, liberal Joe. He’ll betray you. Lying, liberal Joe has got to go.” Big correction: Morrisey is lying. Manchin is not a liberal. He’s a moderate to conservative. He works with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to help our state and our nation. He is one of the most centrist and independent members of Senate. After President Trump won the election, I remember that he called Manchin to meet with him. There was talk of possible consideration of Manchin for a cabinet post. I remember Trump publicly referring to Manchin as a conservative Democrat. I remember seeing Manchin in the news meeting with the president early on to fight to continue coal miners’ pensions.

Manchin has been working hard to secure greater funds for West Virginia to fight the opioid epidemic. A provision was passed in the Senate in September that will ensure West Virginia will receive more funding. He has established skill training centers, works for veterans, seniors, coal miners and to safeguard people with pre-existing health conditions to get health care. He has been working with other Republican senators on projects to benefit West Virginins and American citizens. He works in the Senate in a bipartisan way, and we need people in government like this. He is the best person for senator. Please go out and vote for Manchin.

There are two openings on the state Supreme Court. I heard two candidates speak and met them. They both appear to be very qualified: Dennise Smith and Jeff Kessler. Kessler previously served many years as a state senator.

Vote for Diana Magnone for the House of Delegates. She’s smart, educated and has experience on many levels. She has done her homework on the workings of state government and would serve us well. Read her information she has sent out.

Vote for William Ihlenfeld for state Senate. I heard him speak in person and during the Oct. 22 debate. He was excellent and seemed very enthusiastic to serve West Virginia. He said at the debate that the fliers circulating that he helped Cardinal Health push opioid pills are false and he did not litigate any cases for Cardinal Health as an attorney. As a former U.S. attorney, he was instrumental in working to combat the opioid crisis.

In West Virginia, there is a much larger percentage of Democrats and those with no party affiliation than there are Republicans. This is an exceptionally important mid-term election. Please, Democrats and independents, show up to support Democratic candidates, especially to return Manchin to the U.S. Senate.

Dianne R. Bannister



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