Voters should consider Swartzmiller’s resume

To the Editor,

I believe running for office is nothing more than an extended job interview. A well written resume is important because prior experience is a strong predictor of future performance. That’s why I’m encouraging voters in the 1st district to look heavily at Randy Swartzmiller’s body of work as a former state delegate.

Randy and I came into office at the same time back in January of 2001. Many people in the district believed we worked well together representing the area. Truth be told, we had many differences. Without going into detail, I think it is fair to say that Randy was much more conservative on policy matters than I. However, these differences on policy never got in the way of us working together on issues important to the district.

I saw the hours Randy put into securing funding to obtain a new middle school. I witnessed firsthand the effort he put into dealing with direct constituent concerns. Even when I served as Majority Leader it was not uncommon for Randy’s truck to be parked in front of the State Capitol when I arrived in the morning and still be there when I left at night.

Work has pulled me away from the area, but I still call the northern panhandle my home. I have nothing negative to say about Randy’s opposition. In fact, I have worked with one of Randy’s opponents in the past on other vital projects. But resumes matter and Randy Swartzmiller has a proven record of delivering tangible results.

One final thought, a good resume contains strong references. One of my greatest concerns when I left the state legislature as Majority Leader was that our area would lose clout in the state house. Soon after I left, Randy ascended to the position of Speaker Pro Tempore. What better reference could someone receive than to be selected amongst their peers for such an important position? The first district would be well served to have Randy Swartzmiller fighting on its behalf again.

Joe DeLong

New Haven, Conn.

(Delong is a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates)