What has happened to us?

To the Editor,

What have we become? Ever since I can remember, Democrats have thought that the word Republican was “a dirty word.” I could never be like them! Republicans, in turn, expressed Democrats as “liberal bullies;” their way or no way. Why do we act this way? These last two weeks in Washington, we can’t believe that adults, educated elected officials could act like thugs and promote radical protesters, just because they do no agree with those of the “other party.”

We need to quit using the words Democrats and Republicans — liberal or conservatives — and decide, not on party, but what candidate is right or wrong, for the office, if elected. Stop voting for party and start voting for the candidate. Straight party voters don’t know what is at stake, and really don’t care. Also many voters do not think what is “good for the country,” but what is in it “for me.” I call that selfish pride. We saw a lot of that recently in Washington.

Let us change our thinking to what is right and what is wrong — which candidate is the one we believe will serve the “best interest of everybody,” honestly, sincerely and with integrity.

Our future is in the hands of the voters — vote for what is right for everybody.

Think about it.

Jim Arnold



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