A few travel tips

To the Editor,

Okay, we all know that Halloween has come, and Thanksgiving/Christmastime is not too far behind. We tend to travel to visit family and friends, share stories, and have a big meal/snacks.

Now, how about the plans to get there? Will it be by car or truck? Or is it by plane or train?

Well, here some things to do if you are going to your destination by car or truck.

1. Plan ahead. If you know what your destination is, you’re okay. If not, use your computer to print up a MapQuest directions. If this is not available, AAA has a method called TripTic. This method is awesome to help navigate you to your destination.

2. Packing. Don’t try to pack your whole wardrobe! Just take some essentials, and an extra set of clothes. Be practical. Pack smart.

3. Tickets for plane flights, trains, or buses. To plan ahead for any of the previous mentioned, contact your travel agent and check into special rate prices, dates, and times. And if you’re not going to rent a vehicle when you arrive at your final destination, be sure you arranged to be picked up by someone, preferrably a member of the family.

4. Car Travel. If driving for a long period of time, be sure you do stop at rest stops along the way. This will give you some time to stretch your legs, get something to drink, get pin-pointed on your direction. If you’re traveling with someone else, take turns driving. It makes your travel a little easier.

And while you are traveling, watch out for the other guy.

Kevin Neverly



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