Men need respect, too

To the Editor,

After years of hearing women crying wolf, I think it’s time the males of the world speak out.

There does not seem to be a day that goes by when I go out in public where a man is not criticized or told straighten up and get with it. Take for example, I recently heard a young man have a football score not exactly right and his spouse speak out loudly and tell him either get the scores right or keep your mouth shut.

I think to myself “wow” over a simple football score. I too have my things I don’t like to do and one of them is read alot. I don’t need to have to read three pages of riff raff to get at a single yes or no question then told I should have re-read it again firmly.

My male counterparts are being told how to dress, eat, sleep and yes all about my job but when our spouses complain about a woman at work’s attitude we have to listen and try to understand what they are saying or feel the wrath.

Women deserve respect and so do males. We don’t need the abuse and finger pointing over simple things in life that don’t mean a thing. Today it’s a twoway street. If I or my male counterparts make a mistake we will get through it without verbal abuse by our spouses. I listen when I go out and it’s time males speak out on how we are treated also.

Richard Budney Sr.



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