Placing the proper blame

To the Editor,

This is in response to the recent letter by Paula Lucas. I am not going to contradict her frustration because I share it. Her frustration however is misdirected. In her editorial she was blaming the Hancock County Health Department for the exemptions to the smoking ban at Mountaineer Casino and LVLs. It was not the health department that implemented the exemptions because all of the employees of the health department support a full ban on indoor smoking and care deeply about public health.

The exemptions to the smoking ban was implemented by the newly appointed Board of Health. The current members of the Board of Health were appointed for no other reason than their willingness to put exemptions to the smoking ban. All members of the board of health were appointed by the current Hancock County Commission. None of the members of the board has any medical, safety, health, or environmental background. There were many highly qualified people which applied to all of the positions on the board including medical doctors. Since the qualified applicants were not willing to enact smoking exemptions they were passed over by the county commission in favor of people who have no regard for public health. The current board of health is comprised of people who have or had ties to the gaming industry as their only reason for seeking and gaining appointment to the board of health.

Your frustrations should be taken up with the Board of Health however they will fall on deaf ears since they have ties to the gaming industry. Ultimately your should take your complaints to all incumbent members of the Hancock County Commission since they were the ones that appointed this entire board solely on their willingness to put smoking exemptions in place.

Eric Carper



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