The best man won

To the Editor,

The best man won the race for U.S. Senate representing West Virginia — Joe Manchin.

Goodness, decency and integrity won. Anger and lies of the opponent lost!

I attended a rally that Manchin held in Weirton before the election. His approach was very positive and he even added humor. I wish to cover some topics he mentioned. He voted to fund the border wall. He did not vote for the tax cuts because he said that the top, wealthiest wage earners did not need a tax break, the corporate tax cut was too much and the tax cuts blew the deficit to trillions. Manchin said that he did not put a picture of Patrick Morrisey’s family member in the ads (who was a lobbyist for an opioid pharma company). That showed integrity.

Manchin said that the National Rifle Association gave him a D rating this election season. He said all other times he received an A rating. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Manchin said that parents from the school came to his office and asked if he could do anything to help curb gun violence. He initiated legislation simply to have background checks on guns sold at gun shows and on the Internet to possibly prevent criminals or mentally ill persons from buying guns. He checked with the NRA to see if this was OK and they approved it. Then they used the situation against him during the election with a D rating that was used in ads against him. (The gun lobby group has too much power and will do everything to defeat a candidate who doesn’t meet their requirements.)

Manchin said at the rally that he has had a health plan he made up months ago to revise Obamacare and Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to look at it. He said that he has made some mistakes and he tries to correct them. That’s a person of integrity.

Morrisey’s approaches against Manchin in his TV ads were anger and mostly lies. He had terribly negative ads against Manchin. And with segments by President Trump, it was scare tactics: “The Democrats will take your guns away. They will take all your money and allow open borders.” Ridiculous!

Manchin had some very positive ads that ran on TV about him. My favorite was of him riding his motorcycle down a country road in West Virginia with some close ups of the motorcycle and him. How “cool” was that? And it was in the newspaper that the Sunday before the election, Manchin and supporters had a motorcycle run starting in Charleston and covering other cities. That was certainly unique.

After the election, Manchin said (paraphrase) that he is the senator for all of West Virginia, including those who didn’t vote for him. He will work for everyone. We are so lucky to have a senator in West Virginia who works in a fair, positive, and bi-partisan way to do the best for West Virginia and the nation.

Diane R. Bannister