Unethical, unscrupulous, oblivious

To the Editor,

At this writing, I’m still waiting on the Democratic National Committee to make a statement condemning these painfully, glaringly obvious attempts at election fraud in Florida and Georgia. Mainly Florida.

There was reportedly at least one precinct in Georgia where hundreds more voted than there were registered voters. The Democrats still lost.

But, instead of simply accepting defeat, they just keep “finding” ever more ballots, in ever more unlikely places, to the point of the ridiculous. Trunks of cars, moving vans and post office warehouses.

Next thing you know, they’ll dig up a centuries-old pirate’s treasure chest, open it,and find thousands more “uncounted” 2018 ballots.

All Democrat, naturally.

And now, right on cue, liberal Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, she of the $50,000 tax debt. She’d never have been considered a serious Democratic contender without questions of back taxes or shady finances — it’s almost a requirement — and is criticizing the “racism” of voters in her own state of Georgia, and, I hear, even of Florida voters, who gave thumbs-down to liberal Andrew Gillum.

Because, you know, Abrams and Gillum are black, while their opponents, Brian Kemp and Rick Scott, are evil white guys. It couldn’t possibly be that Abrams’ and Gillum’s ideas and positions just didn’t sit well with voters — it has to be racism. The victim mentality means never having to say, “I lost fair and square.”

But don’t worry — certainly, they’ll continue “finding” those “uncounted” ballots.

How many are needed? As many as it takes to steal the election, of course. More “uncounted” ballots than registered voters? No problem; Already achieved.

I won’t hold my breath on that fraud condemnation. After all, we’re still waiting for Democrat denunciation of the petulant, destructive, sore loser crybabies of the post-2016 election rioting, the violent Antifa antics and the wretched, disruptive hysterics of the circus Brett Kavanaugh hearing “activists” and his false accusers.

That’s Justice Kavanaugh, who donated his six-figure GoFundMe money to charity. Christine Blasey-Ford, his caring, compassionate liberal accuser, kept hers.

And that’s another thing; these insanely angry, “feminist” militants, who seem to think it perfectly fine to accuse innocent men of sexual harassment, assault and even rape, without any evidence. They think it’s OK to destroy reputations, careers, marriages, and even lives, in the name of ideology; of resisting “the patriarchy.”

To them, ruining a few guys’ lives is fine — payback, for the oppression women endured for centuries. Men should just suck it up and quit whining.

I’d hope this mindset is in the vast, overwhelming minority, but it seems to be growing, and certainly seems fine with the Democrats, as the Kavanaugh “believe her” movement would indicate. Democrats seem to endorse chaos and inappropriate, lawless behavior.

With all this becoming a nationwide joke, as it has, Democrats are either the most unethical and unscrupulous, or the most oblivious and indifferent, group of people,ever.

Or both.

How any honest, decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans can still proudly call themselves Democrats is beyond me.

Rob Denham