Big Three didn’t support us

To the Editor,

I had to respond to Candace DeStefano’s letter about the auto industry (“Hold onto your pocketbook,” Dec. 2.) She seems to want to blame a president or political party. I worked for 42 years at the Weirton Steel Corp., and I remember a president and a political party say that they had my back. We saw what happened, from Pittsburgh to Wheeling locally.

She writes that no one locally cares, but I think she’s wrong. I ask, did the Big Three rally around steel in our hard times? No. Cheaper, imported steel meant more profit for them.

Lordstown makes the Cruz. No one wants a small car. As I write this, gasoline is $2 a gallon. Most TV advertisements are for F150s, Rams or Chevy trucks — the biggest profit makers. Will General Motors lower the price of its vehicles with fewer paid wages? I think not. Only in America will we get a five- or six-year loan for a vehicle that you will never know the true price of.

She mentions agriculture — again, only in America will farmers be paid by the government (you and I) to leave hundreds of acres of land unplanted.

Paper, textiles, glass, steel, coal, aluminum, building materials — the list goes on. Just another bump in the road.

James E. Johnson