We can’t keep denying

To the Editor,

A key to success in life is to be “well liked” and all you need is “a smile and a shoe shine.”

If you become popular and people like you, you’ll have it made.

Willy Loman, “Death of a Salesman” Arthur Miller.

Trump, the deal maker, has the smile and shoe shine, but doesn’t have it made.

President Trump’s biggest problem? He could not leave his pen in the ink well or his mouth shut.

No matter who occupies the White House, no one has ever witnessed the haphazardness of a disfunctional White House as President Trump’s White House.

Let’s suppose — investigation not over — President Trump comes out of Mueller’s noose clean.

He will still go down in history as the most controversial president ever.

All his trusted fixers for the last 20 years, who have witnessed his behavior, are now testifying to his suspicious behavior over the years.

The absurd reasoning of a know-it-all. A climate change denier, Trump brags America is the cleanest we have ever been, yet his administration is de-regulating everything the EPA has accomplished to make it clean.

Trump’s administration of deniers will put out a report to the last administration’s acceptors of climate change. It does not matter who is playing chicken when the oceans swell and the land mass shrinks for 9 billion people by the end of the century. Then what?

Steve Kopa