What is happening to us?

To the Editor,

I recently heard on the news that the changes we see in our society, and in politics, is because educated white women are becoming more involved in politics and are becoming the leaders of companies, schools and all types or organizations. One reason for this is their children are grown up. They have time now to use their education, and “I do not need a man to support me anymore.”

I did not think much about that until I read the column in The Weirton Daily Times, Saturday December 1, “When Democrats win, freedom loses,” written by Star Parker, an African-American, author and president of Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Parker said the diversity in Congress, and the leadership that is taing place, is for “how far the left,” the Democrat party is headed.

Parker said there are 124 women in Congress — 55 are black, 43 are Latino and 15 are Asian. Of the 124 women, 55 blacks all voted Democrat. Of the 43 Latinos, 34 are Democrats. Of the 15 Asians, 14 are Democrats.

Do you wonder why this is happening? We can’t blame this on the white women in Congress. They are being outnumbered. No, no, now. It’s the agenda by the “Democrat Party” who has indoctrinated their “voters” with the “fake” news to believe their “socialist” party will give you all you need — for free!

Parker, in her article, said, “It takes a certain blindness to miss the irony in these politicians of the left, who call for honoring and empowering individuals, and choose to do this by taking away our freedoms.”

“Countries that are not free don’t grow, because all the activity is about transferring wealth — not creating it.”

Parker, in her article, said, from the “Bookings Institute, white America will bein the minority by 2045. However, by 2027, just eight years from now, the majority of Americans 29 and younger will be non-white.”

What are we teaching in our schools (elementary, high school, college and in our current society)? Be anti-American, anti-patriotic, anti-religious and vote Democratic, and we will be all you need? Wake up America!

How long will God allow our nation to let wrong prevail and non-believers control and destroy what He has created.

Think about it!

Jim Arnold